I’m Stanton Champion and this is my website. I’m the director of product marketing manager for Kapost and I love photography. Since my life is a weird intersection of technology and art, my blog is kind of the same way.

I live in Northern Colorado, but I’m originally from Texas.

Some other facts about me:

Things I Enjoy:

  • Photography (my camera is a Canon 5D Mark II)
  • Cooking great food
  • Horseback Riding (I grew up with a ton of Quarter Horses and my wife loves show jumpers)

Stuff I Do Professionally:

  • Director of Product Marketing for Kapost
  • Technology Marketing
  • Product Management
  • New Business Initiatives

Other Stuff I Like:

  • The Economist
  • Barbecue
  • Quality Tex-Mex
  • Seafood
  • My Macbook Pro


  • BSEE from Rice University, 2001
  • MBA from Cornell University, 2007