The Moon Over 111 Huntington, Boston, Massachusetts

The Moon Over 111 Huntington, Boston, Massachusetts
Photo Details
Title:The Moon Over 111 Huntington, Boston, Massachusetts
Caption:The moon over 111 Huntington in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.
Taken:24 October, 2012
Location:42° 20.9022′ 0″ N 71° 4.9817′ 0″ W
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal length:300mm
Shutter speed:1/6s

After a long day at a conference, I joined several of my coworkers for dinner on the patio of a restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. We were all exhausted, but it had been a good day for everyone. I had brought along my camera to take some photos at the event, and just happened to have it sitting next to me at the dinner table. That’s when I looked up and saw the moon rising over the top of 111 Huntington in the background. The combination of blue hour twilight, the moonlit sky, and the distinctive roof of Boston’s “R2D2 building” made for an unforgettable photo.

I grabbed my camera bag, excused myself, and set up my tripod on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant to capture this photo. As usual for moon photos, you must composite multiple shots together to get both the foreground and moon detail balanced correctly. This photo is a combination of three separate exposures – one for the building, one for the sky, and one for the moon itself.

(This photo was originally published in 2012.)

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