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Quick Updates – GDPR and Related Posts

It’s summer time, so that means travel and outdoors. That’s good for taking more photos, but I may be a little slow making updates over the next week or two. However, I did want to call out a few small changes to the site:

Welcome to the new Stanton Champion

After a lot of work, I am pleased to reveal the new The last version of this site (hosted on Tumblr) had been around since April, 2011 – which was an eternity ago. Since that time:

  • Mobile has gone from an afterthought to something central in web design. Responsive tools have emerged to enable this, like Bootstrap.
  • HiDPI displays (like Apple’s Retina Display) have become the standard for nearly everyone. Low resolution images are no longer good enough.
  • SSL is no longer an option. Encryption everywhere is now the standard.

I wanted to bring my website up to the standards of the modern web, but more importantly I wanted to build myself a nice place to showcase my photos and writing.