Power Lines Over the Water, Mountain View, California

Power Lines Over the Water, Mountain View, California

Whenever I travel to California for work, I usually leave my camera behind. My work trips are always packed, and I know I just won’t have much time to take photos. I feel bad about this, so on one of my recent trips I made it a point to take my camera and put photo time on my trip schedule. I picked an evening when I knew I would be near the Stevens Creek area, and after my meetings I set out to capture some photos. At least, that’s what I intended.

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM

In February, 2015, my wife and I took a quick trip from Denver to Santa Fe where we explored the city, saw some great art, and took a few nice photos. Among the city photos I took on that trip, this one turned out the best as an abstract black and white view on the New Mexico Museum of Art. I loved the shape of the adobe tower combined with the protruding beams – the fancy carved wood sticking out while the windows sink inward.

Liberty Looking Good, Times Square, New York City

Liberty Looking Good, Times Square, New York City.

Happy 4th of July! I took this photo in 2012 while visiting my friends Amy and Matt in New York City. We were all photography aficionados, so we agreed to take an evening stroll to Times Square to find some interesting photos of the locals and tourists. I took several great photos that night, but this one seems especially festive for posting on Independence Day.

Quick Updates – GDPR and Related Posts

It’s summer time, so that means travel and outdoors. That’s good for taking more photos, but I may be a little slow making updates over the next week or two. However, I did want to call out a few small changes to the site:

Icelandic Ponies, Iceland

Icelandic Ponies

I originally took and posted this photo in 2009 before I started geotagging my photos, so I’m not completely certain where we were when I captured this. However, I know we were somewhere on Iceland’s extraordinary Snaefellsnes Peninsula on the west coast. Iceland is such an incredible place to visit, and at this time of year we were able to experience these incredibly long and spectacular golden hour sunsets that lit up the world and made everything look fantastic.