Seaside Vista, Kaunaoa Point, Kona, Hawaii

Seaside Vista, Kaunaoa Point, Kona, Hawaii
Photo Details
Title:Seaside Vista, Kaunaoa Point, Kona, Hawaii
Taken:18 July, 2019
Location:19° 59.8561053′ 0″ N 155° 49.6469425′ 0″ W
Camera:NIKON Z 7
Focal length:24mm
Shutter speed:1/25s

Last year on a trip to Hawaii, I took a nice morning walk along a trail between Hapuna and Kaunaoa beaches. I was looking for sunrise light, but I slightly overslept and just missed blue hour, getting golden hour instead. The bright sun was already harsh, and there wasn’t a lot of morning color in the sky on the western coast of the Big Island. But after walking for a bit, I discovered this wonderful view of trees, water, ocean, and clouds from a vantage point above the Pacific. I loved the orientation of the trees and how the light and shadows fell between the trail, the inlet, and the trees themselves.

This was actually my second photo of the morning, and I had already found another scene on the other end of the trail. I nearly gave up because of how harsh the light had become, but I pressed onward and found this setting well into the “not good light” time of the summer morning. Not all light has to be perfect, and there are often plenty of pictures to be taken even in harsher sunlight. I’m glad I persevered and found this scene before my flight home.

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