Boats in the Fog, Zürich, Switzerland

Boats in the Fog, Zürich, Switzerland
Photo Details
Title:Boats in the Fog, Zürich, Switzerland
Taken:2 February, 2017
Location:47° 22.1536′ 0″ N 8° 32.5191′ 0″ E
Camera:NIKON D810
Focal length:31mm
Shutter speed:1/60s
Keywords:blue hour, boats, canal, ch, dawn, dock, fog, lake, light, lights, swiss, switzerland, water, zurich, zürich

Waking up early can be a great way to find photos, and on this trip to Zürich I was lucky to find this early morning scene of boats in the fog. I was moving quickly looking for subjects, and I ended up shooting this entirely handheld without setting a tripod. The resulting photo worked well, although at ISO 6400 it is a bit noisy.

Lessons for next time:

  • Make the effort to set a tripod.
  • The noise level on the Nikon at ISO 6400 is really not that bad. Maybe don’t be too quick to waste time setting the tripod.

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