West Point Lighthouse Twilight, Seattle, Washington

West Point Lighthouse Twilight, Seattle, Washington
Photo Details
Title:West Point Lighthouse Twilight, Seattle, Washington
Taken:27 June, 2019
Location:47° 39.6889′ 0″ N 122° 26.0653′ 0″ W
Camera:NIKON Z 7
Focal length:69mm
Shutter speed:235s

In 2019, I took a couple of wonderful sunset photos of Seattle’s West Point Lighthouse while on a business trip. I wrote about one of them in 2020, including details about how and why I ended up in this location. But I’ve long had this second version of the photo in my archives, and I’m happy to share it now.

Technically, I took this photo after the one I posted in 2020. It’s dimmer and bluer – more twilight than sunset. I originally took this second photo in a vertical orientation with more of the rocks and brush in the foreground, but I disliked the framing and cropped it in half to a more traditional landscape orientation. Boats moved back and forth in the background of the very long exposure, creating lines of light in Puget Sound.

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