Pedestrian Bridge, Laramie Rail Yard, Laramie, Wyoming

Pedestrian Bridge, Laramie Rail Yard, Laramie, Wyoming
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Title:Pedestrian Bridge, Laramie Rail Yard, Laramie, Wyoming
Caption:A steel pedestrian bridge stretches across the railyard in downtown Laramie, Wyoming.
Taken:1 August, 2015
Location:41° 18.6162′ 0″ N 105° 35.7792′ 0″ W
Camera:NIKON D810
Focal length:70mm
Shutter speed:125s

My wife and I took a trip to Laramie for a horse show, and I took along my camera thinking I might try to take some photos. Laramie was originally settled as a rail town, and the downtown is situated right next to a spectacular rail yard where trains enter and leave on different tracks. This pedestrian bridge connects the two sides of Laramie across the rail yard, making it easy for people to walk from one side to the other.

I discovered this scene while eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, and right around sunset I left to find some photos. I tried a number of ways to capture a scene of the rail yard, eventually settling on using the bridge itself as a subject. As the sun set, I captured several photos of the bridge at both wider and longer focal lengths, eventually capturing this photo at 70mm right at blue hour. There are two other versions of this photo I shot at 24mm that I plan to share in the future.

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