Underneath the Kessock Bridge, Inverness, Scotland

Underneath the Kessock Bridge, Inverness, Scotland.
Photo Details
Title:Underneath the Kessock Bridge, Inverness, Scotland.
Caption:Twilight falls from this view underneath the Kessock Bridge, looking back towards Inverness.
Taken:25 May, 2012
Location:57° 30.0797′ 0″ N 4° 14.061′ 0″ W
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal length:24mm
Shutter speed:64s

While visiting Scotland in 2012, I wanted to find a fresh perspective on Inverness. I took a drive north over the Kessock bridge and noticed on my map that it was possible to drive below the bridge and look back towards Inverness on the water. After taking several photos away from the bridge, I realized the bridge itself could be a compelling addition to the photo.

Exposing this photo correctly turned out to be a challenge on the camera I owned at the time – a Canon 5D Mark II. This camera has long had a reputation for having noisy shadows, and I struggled to find an exposure that properly blended the foreground, water, background, and bridge decking into a single shot. I ended up bracketing, but eventually decided to work with a single 64 second exposure in my editing.

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