Blue Hour, Venice Beach, California

Blue Hour, Venice Beach, California
Photo Details
Title:Blue Hour, Venice Beach, California
Taken:22 April, 2019
Location:33° 59.5653243′ 0″ N 118° 28.8790036′ 0″ W
Camera:NIKON D810
Focal length:24mm
Shutter speed:25s

This photo is a companion to a previous photo of a Venice Beach sunset I took in 2019. Both photos show Venice’s iconic lifeguard stations on the same evening, although I took this one of a different hut later towards twilight.

Choosing a composition comes down to finding the right scene at the right moment in time. In my previous post, I mentioned how the composition came together because the station was situated on a slightly higher rise of sand. Finding that single spot at that moment led to me discovering a wonderful sunset beach scene.

I had a similar experience with this photo. The beach was now quiet, and I was walking south when I happened upon this recently closed hut. The lifeguards had just departed on their ATV, and they had left behind tracks that were still fresh and formed a beautiful loop around the lonely hut. At that moment, right before dark, the last pink blue light from the setting sun nicely complemented the building’s blue paint. Opportunity and timing.

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