Stormy Pier, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Stormy Pier, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
Photo Details
Title:Stormy Pier, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
Taken:2 July, 2021
Location:34° 41.7769′ 0″ N 76° 43.7621′ 0″ W
Camera:NIKON Z 7
Focal length:58mm
Shutter speed:1/20s

On a stormy evening in Atlantic City, NC, a striking image emerged amidst the churning waves and brooding clouds. A long pier reaches out into the ocean, dividing the tempestuous sky and water below and creating sense of symmetry and calm that contrasts with the surrounding chaos.

I took this photograph during a scuba diving trip with my wife to Morehead City, NC in July 2021. When the weather took a turn for the worse, and our dives were canceled, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. Instead, we decided to explore the nearby beach, eager to discover the beauty hidden in the stormy day.

The image, captured handheld without the aid of a tripod, may be gray and lacking in bright light, but it evokes a sense of emotion and balance that’s striking in its simplicity. As a landscape photographer, I am always seeking to uncover the unique and extraordinary moments hidden within everyday scenes. This stormy beach walk proved to be a perfect example, as the merging of sky, sea, and pier came together to create a display of nature’s beauty, reminding us to cherish even the grayest of days.

Next time you find yourself in a seemingly ordinary or gloomy setting, take a moment to look closer, and you might just discover the hidden gem waiting to be captured. Whether it’s a stormy beach walk or a cloudy mountain hike, the world around us is filled with unexpected beauty, and sometimes it takes a bit of adversity to reveal its true majesty.

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