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Sunset, Inverness, Scotland

Sunset, Inverness, Scotland.

Weather can sometimes be surprising, but few weather experiences have been more surprising than spending an entire trip in the warm Scottish sunshine. Now I’m sure Scotland gets some sun here and there, but this trip was sunny in a way that felt more Mediterranean. The sky in Inverness had that look that I associate with summers in America, where the air was bright, warm, and hazy. This often causes me trouble for photos because the haze tends to mute light and color, while at the same time there are usually very few interesting clouds to balance a scene. Fortunately, Inverness gave me something to work with during this sunset.

The Barn at Mountain Valley Farm, Waitsfield, Vermont

The Barn at Mountain Valley Farm, Waitsfield, Vermont

The red barn at the Mountain Valley Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont has always been one of my favorites. It’s a gorgeous and imposing building, painted in a classic bright red, that has been beautifully maintained and preserved. Each time I pass by, I want to stop and take a photo; but the barn sits tightly next to the road and is hard to frame from the road itself. Fortunately, on this particular visit, the owner was nearby and happily granted me permission to explore the property for a better angle.