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Forest Sunset I, Dochfour, Inverness, Scotland

Forest Sunset I, Dochfour, Inverness, Scotland.

On our visit to Scotland in 2012, we made a stop by the Dochfour estate near Inverness to take a look around. The weather was sunny with bright blue skies, something that I think is pretty unusual for Scotland. I’m sure the locals were loving it, but I did wish for a few clouds to help add some drama to my photos. The sunsets were also harsh and a bit hazy, so I needed to get a little creative. Finding this wonderful forest was just the ticket, and it gave me a great way to put some pop in my photos.

Kenyon’s Barn, Waitsfield, Vermont

Kenyon's Barn, Waitsfield, Vermont

The weather had been wild on our drive to Vermont. Thick angry clouds loomed in the sky while incredible rainfall pounded the car and flooded the surrounding fields. The Mad River was rising over its banks, and the highway patrol had closed VT-100 between Hancock and Granville because of high water. With no cell service, we had to use my Garmin GPS to plot an alternate route through the green mountains on back roads. We were incredibly tired by the time we arrived in Waitsfield, but then the weather started to clear and a little bit of sunlight peaked out in the gloom.

Sunset, Elmore, Vermont

Sunset, Elmore, Vermont

Vermont is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I have always found the sunsets there to be magical. On this summer trip in 2013, I was out and about scouting for a photo during the sunset hours – trying to find that miraculous combination of subject and background. I took several in different spots around this area northeast of Stowe, and it wasn’t until I stumbled across this farm equipment that I finally found my photo.

Power Lines Over the Water, Mountain View, California

Power Lines Over the Water, Mountain View, California

Whenever I travel to California for work, I usually leave my camera behind. My work trips are always packed, and I know I just won’t have much time to take photos. I feel bad about this, so on one of my recent trips I made it a point to take my camera and put photo time on my trip schedule. I picked an evening when I knew I would be near the Stevens Creek area, and after my meetings I set out to capture some photos. At least, that’s what I intended.

Icelandic Ponies, Iceland

Icelandic Ponies

I originally took and posted this photo in 2009 before I started geotagging my photos, so I’m not completely certain where we were when I captured this. However, I know we were somewhere on Iceland’s extraordinary Snaefellsnes Peninsula on the west coast. Iceland is such an incredible place to visit, and at this time of year we were able to experience these incredibly long and spectacular golden hour sunsets that lit up the world and made everything look fantastic.